“The World is Sound”

Haus Hochland Prälat Götz Str. 2, Kempten, Germany

The Song of the Universe Overtone Concert with Pasquale Leogrande


“The Song of the Moon – Secret of Sound”

Sant Mat City Center Munich Weissenburgerstrasse 22, Rgb. UG, S-Bahn-Station: Ostbahnhof oder Rosenheimer Platz, Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Overtone concert with Pasquale Leogrande “The Song of the Moon – Secret of Sound“ is a journey through rhythm and harmony to the heart of the sound, in the footsteps of the primal sound. The artist makes music on more than 20 different instruments, among others on waterphone, gongs, hang, sonora and on his newly […]


Inauguration ceremony with Concert and Classical Indian dance

Join the opening of our new centre and enjoy these special performances: Classical Indian dance with Lalitha Devi Sound adventure - Sounds from another world with Pasquale Leogrande on gongs, singing stones, waterphone, Monochord, overtone recorder, special Guest: Harry Remmele - Didgeridoo   New Location: Weißenburgerstr. 22 81667 München Tel.    089/538    9598



Musikschule Gostenhofer Hauptstr. 52, Nürnberg, Bavaria, Germany

Sing-Along-Evening with spiritual music from different cultures with Christl Ziegler und Günther Becker


„She was given to me by God, just as I to her“

Sant Mat City Center Bamberg Erlichstraße 64, Bamberg, Bayern, Germany

„She was given to me by God, just as I to her“ (Martin Luther) - Katharina von Bora, the woman at his side. Musical accompaniment: ERBA ensemble. Followed by a small vegetarian buffet.


“Remembrance of God in Poetry”

Sant Mat City Center Kempten Stiftsgartenweg 3, Kempten, Germany

"Remembrance of God in Poetry" - Reading with music.


New Year’s Day Celebration

Sant Mat City Center Bamberg Erlichstraße 64, Bamberg, Bayern, Germany

New Year's Day Celebration with instrumental music, songs and stories, tea, coffee, sweet and spicy snacks, with a lot of time to chat. - We cook and bake wholesome and egg-free.


Guitar concert by Wolfgang Netzer “Wind and Shadow”

Know Thyself as Soul Center Munich Baaderstr. 7, Munich, Germany

At Know Thyself as Soul Center Munich, Baaderstr.7 a guitar solo concert with Wolfgang Netzer will take place on 30.06.2023. The concert starts at 8 pm. Admission is from 7 […]

Free admission