Welcome to the website of the
Sant Mat Verein

Many organizations and individuals contribute to shape the world we live in to a positive one and to improve  the conditions for all living beings.

In 2005, Sant Mat Verein was founded by a group of dedicated people to support the wellbeing of man in its various aspects. The society has been recognized as a charitable organization. With its activities and projects the society offers opportunities how to make positive changes in our living environment.

By offering varied events and activities, Sant Mat Verein aims at contributing to the improvement of the lifestyle of individuals as well as of the community. This is realized among other things by free of charge instructions on theoretical and practical knowledge about a natural way of life and nutrition as well as cultural events.

The projects organized by the association are financed by membership fees and donations and realized by the active support of volunteers working on an idealistic and free of charge basis.

The Sant Mat Verein has found in Sant Mat as taught by Sant Baljit Singh, a strong concordance with the ideals it stands for.